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Teen zine: Centennial edition!

We've extended the deadline for submissions for Teen zine: Centennial edition. This issue's theme is What Matters to You. The submission deadline is now Sunday, July 7. Read more.

Teen verified books!

Review your favourite books! Your books will get a “teen verified sticker” and your review will be added to the inside cover. Submit a review.

Teen book bundles

Take some time for yourself and enjoy some great books from the library. Fill out the book bundle form and we’ll put together a selection of books based on your preferences.

Collaboratory Club

Experiment with science and technology at our Collaboratory Club! Each week we'll spend time doing experiments or using Collaboratory technology. Extra time during this casual program will be spent playing iPad co-op games. View event in calendar.

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Specially curated selections from our librarians

Regularly updated lists of books, magazines and movies organized by theme. These include physical items you can borrow from the library and digital items you can enjoy on your devices at home or on the go. Click on a book to learn more or choose your preferred format.

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