Teen summer reading challenge

Reading challenges (can be completed in any order)

Re-read a book from childhood OR a book you cannot remember anymore OR one you started but never finished.

Read a book by or about a woman.

Read a book from the year you were born or from before you were born.

Read a classic book.

Read a book that was challenged or banned.

Read a book that was adapted to TV or movie.

Read a book where the main character comes from a different background than you.

Read a book under a tree.

Create a playlist of 5 songs to match the vibe of a book.

Do a buddy read and discuss with your buddies.

Take or leave a book from a Little Free Library OR go to a library you have not visited before.

Make a bookmark or book cover based on a book you read this summer.

Research a time or place you want to know about.

Read a book with 2SLGBTQIA+ characters.

Recreate a photo from when you were younger.

Teen verified book recommendations

Teen verified book sticker

During summer reading challenge, you can also share your favourite books! Each book you recommend will receive a “teen verified sticker” and will be added to our “teen verified” booklist. Your review will be printed and added to the inside cover of the book, and you will be entered into the weekly prize draw for every review you submit. 

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Summer Reading Challenge booklists

The booklists below will help you meet some of this year's challenges. Enjoy!

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