Digitization station

We love stories, and our digitization station can help you tell yours! We'll show you how to use the equipment to digitize old media like photos and film. Once you're comfortable using the equipment, you can work independently to complete your project. 

What formats can be digitized?

  • Audio cassette tapes
  • Audio CDs
  • Camcorder tapes: 8mm and MiniDV (NTSC/Region 1 only*)
  • Regular 8mm reel-to-reel film
  • Super 8mm reel-to-reel film
  • DVDs
  • Photo negatives
  • Photos up to 8” x 11”
  • Slides, 35mm
  • VHS video tapes (NTSC/Region 1 only*)
  • Vinyl (33, 45 and 78 RPM)

*We are unfortunately unable to offer PAL or SECAM region video tape digitization.

Using the digitization station

Step 1: Orientation

Before you first use the digitization station you will need to get a brief orientation from our TechConnect staff. After that, you can book the station to work independently.

Step 2: Request a booking

  • Review the booking policies
  • Check availability in the calendar 
  • Fill out a booking request form. Give us a first choice date and backup date.
  • We will get back to you within 24 – 48 business hours. Note that your booking is not confirmed until you hear back from us.

Step 3: Arrive for your booking

Check in at the third floor desk with one piece of photo ID (and your library card, if you haven't booked). If you are more than 10 minutes late for your booking it will be cancelled. 


Please bring a USB flash drive (memory stick) or an external hard drive for saving your files.

Booking policies

  • All bookings are on a first-come, first-served basis and require at least 24 hours’ notice.
  • Users must be at least 10 years old.
  • Bookings are maximum of three hours per group per week.
  • Book up to one month in advance.
  • No more than three upcoming bookings in the system at one time.
  • Capacity is limited to two people in the room.
  • The station is bookable during regular library hours, with one hour at the beginning and end of the day reserved for cleaning.

Help & training

During your orientation

Orientation covers policies and procedures for using the digitization station. TechConnect staff will tailor your orientation to the primary format you want to digitize and go over the basics of the software . You can book follow-up appointments for orientations in other formats.

During your booking

Please note that support during your session is limited and staff can only answer basic questions. It is expected that you will know how to use the equipment and software you need for your project. If you need further help, please book a TechConnect session or use one of our guides below. 

Equipment & software

The digitization station is a 27" PC with Windows 10 and headphones provided. It uses the following equipment & software: 

Image digitization:

  • Epson Perfection V800 flat-bed scanner with 3.5 photo negative and slide trays

Video digitization:

  • Elgato Video Capture software for video tapes
  • Wondershare software for DVDs
  • VHS player (region 1)
  • Mini DV camcorder (Canon ZR65)
  • Digital8/Hi8/8mm camcorder (Sony DCR-TRV350)
  • Wolverine 8mm and Super 8 reel-to-reel film digitizer

Audio digitization:

  • Audacity software
  • Record player (AudioTechnica USB - 33, 45 & 78 RPM compatible)
  • Audio cassette tape player

If you have a question, ask us or call 604-998-3450

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