Exam invigilation

City of North Vancouver community members can request an exam invigilator, or proctor, to supervise a test to ensure the integrity of the exam-writing process.

North Vancouver City Library hosts two regularly scheduled exam periods every week on Thursday afternoons and Saturday mornings.


City Library offers free exam invigilation to:

  • Residents of the City of North Vancouver
  • Students attending schools in the City of North Vancouver
  • Business owners whose businesses are within the City of North Vancouver


For the safety of staff and students, the invigilator will not remain in the exam room during the exam. The invigilator will observe from a glass-enclosed room to maintain the integrity of the exam-writing process.

Writing your exam

City Library will provide a quiet space for you to write your exam and accommodate necessary observation for the invigilator. Please note, that because the library is a public building, we cannot guarantee complete silence. 

The library invigilator will receive your exam prior to the scheduled test appointment and return the exam to the issuing institution upon completion. 

The invigilator can also provide basic technical assistance for Wi-Fi if required for the exam. Troubleshooting access to the exam institution’s website or portal is not provided.

Student responsibilities

  • Students are responsible for arranging the delivery of the exam and exam instructions via secure email, post or courier. Materials must be received by the library at least three days before your exam appointment.
  • Students are responsible for any costs and supplies related to the receipt and return of the exam, such as postage or courier costs.


What to bring with you

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled exam appointment.

  • Your City Library card
  • One of the following:
    • Proof of residency within the City of North Vancouver
    • Student status within the City of North Vancouver (such as a student ID)
    • Proof of business ownership within the City of North Vancouver

Other exam invigilation services

If you are seeking invigilation services but don't qualify for our service, or cannot attend during our invigilation hours, the following links may provide alternatives:

If you have a question, ask us or call 604-998-3450

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