Get a library card

Library cards are free for North Shore residents, students living with North Shore residents, and residents of all InterLINK communities in the lower mainland. When you join the North Vancouver City Library you can receive a new City Library card, use an existing card from another InterLINK library, or use a BC OneCard. If you live outside the InterLINK communities, see the visitors and non-InterLINK section below.

How to get a library card

In person

Visit the Welcome Desk on the first floor to sign up for a card. You will need to show a photo ID (for example, your BC services card) and proof of your current address when you get a North Vancouver City Library Card. If you do not have ID with a picture and your address, see the Access cards section below.


If you live on the North Shore or in Metro Vancouver, you can apply online to get access to our digital collections and ebooks. Once you apply, staff will contact you within one business day with your new card. Online registrations are good for 90 days, after which you will need to visit the library in person to upgrade to a full card.

Visitors and Non-InterLINK residents

For residents living outside the InterLINK communities of the lower mainland, the following fees apply:

  • $50 annual fee for adults for a non-resident card.
  • $25 annual fee for students for a non-resident card.
  • $20 for temporary visitor cards, which are valid for three months.

North Vancouver City Library is part of the BC OneCard program.

Access cards

If you do not have an address or picture ID, you can register for an access card in order to use library materials. Access cards are valid for six months. Visit the Welcome Desk for details on how to get an access card and start using library services today.

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