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Gender diversity for children

Fiction, nonfiction, ebooks, audiobooks, graphic comics, movies and digital resources. Explore the gender diversity collection in our catalogue.

Pride storytime

Tune in to watch iconic North Vancouver drag queen Conni Smudge for a special Pride-themed storytime! Watch on Youtube.

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Ebooks, e-audiobooks, podcasts, education, training and much more. Explore our digital library.

Gay parenting

Curated collections of resource material for parents and teachers. Explore the gay parenting collection in our catalogue

Drag storytime

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What is a drag storytime?

Drag storytime is a special, age-appropriate program for children and families that celebrates diversity and inclusivity with stories curated by staff librarians. Learn more on our Youtube channel.

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Specially curated selections from our librarians

Regularly updated lists of books, magazines and movies organized by theme. These include physical items you can borrow from the library and digital items you can enjoy on your devices at home or on the go. Click on a book to learn more or choose your preferred format.

Pride at the Shipyards

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