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Meeting room rentals

Room bookings are currently available month-to-month only. Bookings for the following month open on the first of the previous month. If you have already booked a room with us, we will be contacting you soon. For any other questions or concerns about booking rooms in the library, please email spaces@nvcl.ca.

Room rental guidelines

Prior to booking a meeting room, please review the library's meeting room policy. You must agree to all the regulations in the policy in order to continue with your booking.

Meeting room policy


  • A valid City Library card is required for all room bookings, and a City Library cardholder must be present for the duration of the booking.
  • All room rental times will take place within normal library hours. Bookings will terminate 15 minutes before library closing.
  • All persons using meeting rooms will comply with the general rules and regulations of City Library or applicable laws.
  • Rooms will be left in the condition in which they were found.
  • Room doors will be kept closed to minimize noise and disruption.
  • Room capacities may be altered without notice.
  • Full payment is required 48 hours prior to the scheduled room booking. Non-payment or no shows do not constitute a cancellation.
  • Refunds will be processed within 24 hours of the booking. In the case of repeat bookings (ex. every Thursday), refunds will be permitted prior to the first room booking date.


  • Publicity for the room booking is the responsibility of the renter. Library signage is limited to the name of the event and location.
  • No advertising, announcements, or other communications implying endorsement of the room booking by City Library or use of their logo is permitted.
  • Promotional and other literature may only be distributed within the room booked.


  • City Library will provide tables and chairs, and a white board and flip chart stand. All other supplies, such as pens, markers, (flip chart) paper and other items are the responsibility of the renter.
  • Wired internet access is not available; bookings will use the library’s Wi-Fi or provide their own mobile network.
  • A/V equipment can be booked for an additional charge. The renter must provide their own laptop.
  • The renter is responsible for making sure that their devices can connect to the library's VGA or HDMI video/audio cable (detailed tech setup instructions for each room will be provided).

Available rooms to rent

Review the spaces available, check their availability, then request a room. City Library currently has two rooms available for rent. Fees are based on the size and capacity of the room, with different pricing for for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.

You’ll hear from us after you have submitted a request. If you still have questions, please email us at spaces@nvcl.ca.

Don Preston boardroom

View availability

  • Capacity up to 12 people
  • For-profit use: $25/hour
  • Not-for-profit use: $12.50/hour
  • Prices do not include GST

Included equipment

  • Whiteboard
  • Flip chart stand
  • Flat screen TV 

Third floor program room (half, 26 x 24')

View availability

  • Capacity up to 30 people
  • For-profit use: $50/hour, three-hour minimum
  • Not-for-profit use: $25/hour, three-hour minimum
  • Prices do not include GST

A one hour set-up and take-down fee is applied to any booking for this room. For example, if you request a total of three hours, you will be charged for four hours.

Included equipment

  • Whiteboard
  • Flip chart stand
  • Flat screen TV 
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