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Become a library trustee

Published: October 27, 2023

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City Library is recruiting for its Board of Trustees. Apply directly to the City by noon on Friday, Nov. 17 to be considered for appointment.

What is the North Vancouver City Library Board and what do they do?

The purpose of the Library Board is to ensure public library service in the City of North Vancouver is managed, regulated and controlled, effectively and responsively, and to carry out responsibilities associated with maintaining and supporting the library. The Board is responsible to Council to ensure the delivery of high-quality library services that meet the needs of the community. The Board prepares and upholds the mission, vision and values of the library through a strategic plan. The Board represents the citizens’ interests, advocates for the library, and upholds the Canadian Library Association Statement of Intellectual Freedom. Members of the Library Board, called trustees, serve two-year terms, to a maximum of four terms. 

The Board aims to be inclusive and to reflect the community served by the library. We welcome interest from individuals from diverse backgrounds, including Indigenous individuals, all identities, and persons with disabilities.

What are some of the reasons I might want to become a trustee?

As a trustee, you are able to give your time and talent to the library because you want to help us make a positive difference in our community. People join our board because they personally believe in and feel committed to the library and because our mission and vision resonates with them. Serving on our board offers an opportunity to meet interesting people, work as a part of a dedicated team united with a sense of common purpose, and gain experience in public sector governance.

What qualifications do I need to become a trustee?

We expect our trustees to be team players, excellent communicators and conscientious, reliable attendees. Strong connections in our community are a great asset. Specific skills (for example, financial or business knowledge, policy development or governance experience, strategic planning or assessment experience, or human resource management know-how) are also very helpful, but are not a requirement. You do not need to have advanced levels of education to be an effective trustee — just the dedication, energy and willingness to donate your time!

How much time will I need to commit to being an effective trustee?

The Board has meetings eight to 10 times per year that trustees are required to prepare for and attend (the Board does not meet in August or December). Trustees are also encouraged to serve on one or more committees, which may meet between scheduled board meetings. These activities are mutually agreed upon between you and the board leadership. Additionally, trustees usually attend significant program and community engagement events, and may also attend workshops or joint meetings with other boards during the year. 

In 2024, the Library Board will be engaged in strategic planning. This may mean additional commitments of time to receive and discuss information, including one or more day-long facilitated workshops. 

On average, a board member can expect to give about 15 hours of their time per month, although this can vary depending on the activities of the Board and the commitments you make. In addition, new trustees may need extra time to familiarize themselves with Board policies, library activities and foundational documents. We want prospective trustees to think realistically about how much time they will have to fulfill the expectations of our board.

If I am a trustee, will I be required to make a monetary donation to the library?

Trustees give significantly of their time and knowledge. We do not require you to make a personal monetary donation if you are a trustee.

As a trustee, will I be expected to help fundraise and cultivate potential donors?

The library board’s primary role is to ensure the sustainability of the library through advocacy and good governance. Every trustee acts as an ambassador of information and good will in the community, which builds the library’s reputation and motivates people to support the library. All trustees participate in advocacy by developing strong and positive relationships with funders and decision-makers, telling the library’s story in the community, and promoting library priorities. The library board may elect to engage in fundraising activities from time to time, but fundraising is not a core activity.

Do trustees get paid?

No, this is an unpaid, volunteer position. Compensation for costs associated with your duties as a trustee, such as childcare costs, can be arranged if required. Training and development opportunities are fully funded within an annual budget.

If I am appointed to the Library Board, what kind of training will I get in order to learn how to be a good trustee?

As a member of BC Library Trustees Association, we will support your initial training through a series of workshops designed to support trustee orientation, taking a comprehensive look at the roles and responsibilities of library trustees in BC. In addition, there is a general orientation with the Chief Librarian and the Board Chair, a Board manual to refer to and ongoing learning opportunities throughout your term. The Library Board also sets goals for its own learning and development annually.

How can I apply to the Library Board?

Complete the form online at the City’s website: Boards 

Apply online

For additional information on the North Vancouver City Library Board of Trustees, please visit our board webpage or email

My role as a trustee has made it possible for me to use the resources at the library and expand my knowledge profoundly. I really enjoy working with such a dedicated and passionate team of trustees.

— Current trustee

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