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Noise management

Find your place in the library, depending on whether you wish to have conversation, read, or study in silence.

NVCL is proud to be a state-of-the-art facility offering resources, programs and services for a variety of groups and interests. While we cannot guarantee a completely noise-free environment, we take the library as a community resource seriously and recognize the need to ensure a safe, enjoyable, and balanced facility for all.

In order to cater to diverse customer needs, we have created various noise zones throughout the library so that those who wish to speak in a normal conversational voice may do so (mainly on the first floor, and on the third floor balcony), but those who seek a quiet place to read or study can be accommodated as well (upper floors). These zones are designated as red, green and blue.

Our red zones permit normal conversation and cellphone use. Children may play quietly under the supervision of their caregiver.

Our green zones permit soft speaking and brief cellphone use and quiet group study. Headphones must be used with all devices.

Our blue zones  are silent zones. Please, no conversations or cellphone use in these areas. Headphones must be used with all devices and the sound must be inaudible to others.

This floor map of the library shows the locations of the three zones.

Download the full-size PDF here.


We ask all customers to turn their cellphone ringers off when in the library, or alternatively set them to 'silent' or 'vibrate' mode.

Thank you for helping us take noise in the library seriously. We aim to make the library an enjoyable resource!

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