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Spokes 'N' Words

August 2020 update: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the book bike is only available on a limited basis. For more information, please email Shideh Taleban. See also our schedule in the calendar below.

Spokes ’N’ Words is a tricycle with a cabinet on the rear where users will be able to check out library books and materials, get a library card, participate in storytimes, and receive information about library programs and services (please note that checked out materials need to be returned at the library, not at the book bike). Spokes ’N’ Words features an umbrella for sun and rain protection as well as a Wi-Fi hotspot for on-the-spot tech questions. It runs on more than just sentences; Spokes ’N’ Words is powered by both its rider, and an e-assist motor to help the book bike up and down those notoriously steep North Vancouver hills!

The book bike is a partnership progra.m. between the Library and the City of North Vancouver’s Placemaking tea.m., PLAY, an initiative designed to activate public city spaces. The bike was built by Pedal Positive, a small company based in Colorado.

If you are interested in having the Book Bike at a community event in the City of North Vancouver, please contact Shideh Taleban at Please give at least one month's notice.

The Spokes 'N' Words Calendar (this schedule is weather-dependent)

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