Spokes 'N' Words

Spring 2019 update! Spokes 'N' Words is back on the road again! See our schedule in the calendar below.

Spokes ’N’ Words is a tricycle with a cabinet on the rear where users will be able to check-in and check-out library books and materials, get a library card, participate in storytimes, and receive information about library programs and services. Spokes ’N’ Words features an umbrella for sun and rain protection as well as a Wi-Fi hotspot for on-the-spot tech questions. It runs on more than just sentences; Spokes ’N’ Words is powered by both its rider, and an e-assist motor to help the book bike up and down those notoriously steep North Vancouver hills!

The book bike is a partnership progra.m. between the Library and the City of North Vancouver’s Placemaking tea.m., PLAY, an initiative designed to activate public city spaces. The bike was built by Pedal Positive, a small company based in Colorado.

If you are interested in having the Book Bike at a community event in the City of North Vancouver, please contact Shideh Taleban at staleban@cnv.org. Please give at least one month's notice.

The Spokes 'N' Words Calendar (this schedule is weather-dependent)

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