Library Small Grants

NVCL's Small Grants program is targeted at promoting cross-cultural connection among North Vancouver City residents. It provides seed money to support creative opportunities for community-led projects, events and initiatives that promote learning, understanding, and friendship among our city’s diverse residents.

Application for the 2019 library small grants is now closed. Thanks to everyone who applied! The results will be announced by March 8th.

Each year the program distributes grants of up to $500 to City of North Vancouver residents who are excited about building cross-cultural connections in their community through the library. The goals of the program are to enrich lives and inspire stories and friendship through the creative use of library’s space, resources, staff, books, and technology, including the library’s Digitization and Recording stations. Potential projects could include:

  • Create a network, committee or group dedicated to a shared interest such as community gardening, a parent action group, or social club
  • Organize a regular walking group and meet for a reception in the library
  • Establish a team of community neighbours to plan a storytelling project using library resources such as the Digitization Station or other resources
  • Create a culture-themed book club or writing group to connect, share stories and build relationships with your fellow community members
  • Create a craft program to teach one another about your family or ancestry’s traditions
  • Use NVCL’s seed library to create a community garden in your neighbourhood

Successful past projects have included:

  • Grow and Cook with Herbs: planting session and potluck session
  • Community Board Games Night for Teens: three evenings
  • Cookie Decoration Workshop for Adults
  • Colour Works Painting workshop for age 55+: two sessions
  • Queen Mary Community Lending Library
  • Family fun Soccer Tournament and pizza party
  • Active Companionship
  • Yalda Festival, a Persian tradition that takes place on winter solstice and celebrates the return of light
  • Documentary Screening and Discussion: Directly Affected
  • A craft program on designing and making friendship postcards
  • Pre-Calculus Workshop for teens

See some great photos from the 2018 projects here!

A few examples of ways to use the grant money could include an honorarium for guest speakers, supplies or equipment, food and drink, or to purchase technology.

Use your imagination! We’d love to hear what other creative and inventive ways you can think of to connect with your neighbours, learn from each other, and help build an inclusive community for North Shore residents. Looking for more information, or perhaps have an idea and curious if it could work? Contact Shideh Taleban


Our eligibility criteria are designed to ensure that Library Small Grants support a diverse range of cross-culture-focused, inclusive community projects.

Who Can Apply?
  • The main applicant must live in the City of North Vancouver (map available here)
  • Main applicants can apply for one Library Small Grants project per year; however, co-applicants can only be used on two applications
  • Two applicants living in the same community but from different households are required on every application. Both applicants are responsible for managing the grant money
  • Your project must be free, accessible and welcoming to all. You may not charge entrance fees, request donations, or fundraise for other projects and/or organizations
  • You may not profit financially from the project. Registered organizations and businesses are not eligible to apply
  • You must begin your project after the grant decision is made. Projects are not supported retroactively.

Applying for a Library Small Grant is easy via our online application form. But first, you must make sure your project is a good fit for our funding. These projects should:

  • Share residents' skills and knowledge within the community.
  • Build sense of ownership and pride.
  • Respect and celebrate diversity.
  • Promote friendship.
  • Consider creative use of library space and resources.
  • Applicants may not financially profit from the project.
  • Any equipment, materials or supplies purchased using grant money will remain the property of North Vancouver City Library.
  • Grant money may be used for honorariums with a maximum allowable amount of $50 per person, with total honorarium(s) not exceeding $100 or 50% of the project budget (whichever is less).
  • When creating a project budget, applicants should determine the actual cost of items to be used, and think resourcefully about how to obtain materials through borrowing or donations.
  • Applicants are responsible for keeping expense receipts to account for project costs.
  • If your project is going to be on public space (e.g. neighbourhood street, public spaces or parks), please consider that projects taking place on neighbourhood streets or public spaces/parks are required to comply with municipal by-laws. Applicants are required to know relevant information about permits and liability insurance they may require, and account for the time needed to process these requests at the municipal office. Applicants should obtain appropriate permits and liability insurance prior to project start date.
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