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Exam invigilation

The North Vancouver City Library has resumed offering free exam invigilation to residents of the City of North Vancouver, students attending schools in the City of North Vancouver, and to business owners whose businesses are within the City of North Vancouver.

For the safety of staff and students, the Invigilator will no longer remain in the examination room during the exam. However, the glass-enclosed room where invigilation will take place permits for ready observation of the student by the Invigilator and other staff.

The North Vancouver City Library will provide:

  • Two regularly scheduled exam times per week, on Thursday afternoons and Saturday mornings
  • A staff member to coordinate the exam-writing process
  • A quiet space in the Don Preston boardroom to write the exam. This glass-enclosed space is within eyesight of a library service desk, permitting observation of the student by the invigilator and by other library staff, while not requiring the staff member to be in the room with the student. Please note that the library is a public institution and that complete silence is not guaranteed
  • Receipt of exams prior to scheduled exam times, and the return of completed exams to the issuing institution
  • Troubleshooting services regarding internet access, should this be required. The library cannot provide technical support for issues related to an institution’s website or portal

The student's responsibilities are to:

  • Complete a registration request form
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled exam appointment
  • Present a library card registered to the North Vancouver City Library
  • If requested, present proof of residency, proof of student membership in a City of North Vancouver school, or proof of business ownership within the City
  • Arrange for delivery of exams and exam instructions to the library via mail, courier, or email. This material must be received three days prior to the exam appointment
  • Pay for any costs and supplies related to the receipt and return of the exam, such as stamps, courier costs, etc.

If you agree to the above, please fill out an application form by clicking the button below:


Other exam invigilation services

If you are seeking invigilation services but don't qualify for our service, or cannot attend during our invigilation hours, the following links may provide alternatives:

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