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City Library customers can request materials (including items they may have on hold) by clicking the button below, and completing the form:


Customers can also request materials by calling 604-998-3450 (Monday – Saturday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.)

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What is this service?

Books lift our spirits, provide refuge and connect us in difficult times. They help us to pass the time and they support lifelong learning, including school-aged home learning. Access to physical library materials is especially important for those who lack the technology to access digital content, those with disabilities who require alternative formats, and those who can’t afford to purchase books.

In this time of uncertainty and physical distancing, we are working to find ways to get library books into the hands of readers.

City Library is launching a “Library Takeout” service to provide library materials to the community during this challenging time. Through this service, library customers can submit their orders for library materials and have their requests filled by library staff. When orders are ready, staff will call to schedule a pickup time.

Orders will be checked out and ready to go in a City Library takeout bag. Pickups will be contactless and will be available for walk-up or drive-in service.

City Library developed its procedures for Library Takeout with experts from our local fire department and health authority to ensure the service allows customers to access library materials in a safe and socially responsible way. We are thankful to staff at the City of North Vancouver Fire Department and Vancouver Coastal Health Authority for their expertise and advice.

How will it work?

Library staff will prepare the customer’s order, then confirm a pickup day and time at the library. Customers can pick up materials at the front entrance or in the library’s parkade at their scheduled pickup time.

All materials that will be checked out to customers will have been quarantined within the library for a minimum of 72 hours to minimize risk. The due date for materials checkout during this scheme is June 30. Fines and late fees are suspended.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for ordering books to go?

  • You must have a City Library card and provide us with the barcode.
  • If you recently received a digital library card, please call us at 604-998-3450 so we can mail your card to you.
  • We encourage you to send only one member of your household to pick up materials, if possible.
  • If you are feeling unwell, are caring for someone who is unwell, or have been ordered to self-isolate, please do not visit the library. Call or email the library so we can find a safe solution for getting materials to you.

What if I cannot make my appointment?
Please call the library at 604-998-3450 if you are running late or unable to make your pickup appointment. We will be happy to reschedule a time for you!

Why can’t I browse for materials in the library?
The library is still closed to the public as part of our response to the pandemic crisis. You can browse our online catalogue or call us to get advice and recommendations on materials.

How many items can I check out?
Stock up on books! Fines have been suspended during this time and we encourage you to visit the library less frequently in order to protect the health of our community.

I have an item on hold but I am uncomfortable visiting the library or unwell and cannot pick it up. Will it still be on hold for me?
Yes. You will not lose your place in the holds queue.

Can I bring my own bag? 
Library materials will be pre-bagged for you when you arrive to pick them up. This helps minimize any potential for cross contamination between library staff and materials. You are welcome to use your own bag once you receive your library bundle.

How are items going to be sanitized?
We have sought and received advice from infectious disease experts in our local fire department and health authority, and have reviewed current scientific studies on the lifecycle of the COVID-19 virus on various surfaces.

All library materials are quarantined for at least 72 hours before they are returned to the shelf. When a customer orders “Library Takeout” their materials are assembled, bagged and held for a further 72 hours before pickup to ensure no possibility of the COVID-19 virus being transmitted via library materials.

How is Library Takeout “contact-less?”
We have implemented a number of practices to make Library Takeout contactless:

  • All communication about ordering and pickup is conducted by telephone or email.
  • Pickups are scheduled to ensure only one customer at a time is picking up material.
  • Walk-up pickup at the front entrance uses signage and sidewalk markings to promote safe physical distancing.
  • Staff place bags for pickup on a table in the vestibule, then withdraw to a safe distance while each customer collects their takeout bag.
  • For drive-in pickup in the underground parkade, customers park, open their vehicle’s trunk or rear door, then return to their vehicle. Staff place takeout bags in the vehicle, then withdraw to a safe distance while the customer closes their vehicle.

How do I return my items?
Due dates have been extended to June 30 or longer, and NVCL is no longer charging overdue fines.

If you wish to return library materials, you may do so through the automated exterior book drop, which is open 24/7 on the east side of the library building.

All library materials are quarantined for 72 hours following return, before being returned to the shelves.

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