Kobo Loans

Kobo aura

To borrow the Kobo you will need to:

  • have a free Kobo account
  • have access to a wireless network
  • have a valid library card
  • be at least 16 years old

Borrowing Info

  • 1 e-reader per customer
  • Loan period is 21 days, with up to two renewals
  • $1 per day fine for overdue units
  • Units are only checked in and out from the Welcome Desk. Please DO NOT return e-readers through the return slot.
  • Recovery costs for lost or damaged e-readers will be charged as per the information available in the catalogue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Kobo work?

Please see the Kobo Aura help page

Are there any ebooks already available to read on the Kobos you lend?

It is against the user agreement to loan e-readers with ebooks already on them. While some libraries do this, they are in violation of these agreements and subject to penalties if investigated. Our purpose in loaning the readers is to allow customers to experiment with e-reading, while making use of our ebook services as well.

Can I transfer downloadable books from the Library's online ebook catalogue to my borrowed e-reader?

Absolutely! Kobo remains one of the most durable and compatible devices to use with Library ebooks. Residents of the City of North Vancouver have exclusive access to our local Cloud Library collection.

Why don't you have the Sony reader or the Amazon kindle?

We choose not to circulate the Amazon Kindle, as it is not compatible with Library ebook collections. Sony has stopped making and supporting its own e-readers and is no longer in the ebook business.

Can you help me learn how to access your ebooks on this or any other e-reader?

Yes! Request an appointment with a member of our TechConnect team, who would be glad to meet with you at no cost. You can do this by:

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