Teen summer reading club

Reading challenges (can be completed in any order)

Read a book under a tree or at the beach.

Make something based on a book you read that is eco-friendly or upcycled.

Read a mystery book.

Read a book by an author who is Black, Indigenous or a person of colour.

Write a message in a secret code for a friend.

Read a book written by a Canadian author.

Plant a seed.

Read a book by an author who identifies as a member of the LGBTQIA2S+ community.

Ask a friend, family member or librarian for a book recommendation.

When you've completed a challenge, submit it here to be entered into our weekly draw! 

teen summer reading club weekly clues

Solve a weekly clue to get an extra entry in the week’s prize draw! Email your answer to teens@nvcl.ca to be entered. Once you have solved all nine clues you will be left with nine letters (the first letter of each answer). Rearrange the letters to come up with one winning word and email teens@nvcl.ca by Sept. 5 to win a prize. Good luck!

Week 9 (Aug. 29 – Sept. 4)

Take the first letter of each answer below and scramble the letters to form a new four-letter word. 

Something you do with a graphic novel: ____
A single unit or thing: ___ 
The completion of a story: ___
Be afraid of: ______

Hint: The new four-letter word has a lovely smell.

Once you have solved the puzzle, save the LAST letter of the word!

Missed a clue? Find them all here!

Teen verified book recommendations

Teen verified book sticker

During summer reading club, you can also share your favourite books! Each book you recommend will receive a “teen verified sticker” and will be added to our “teen verified” booklist. Your review will be printed and added to the inside cover of the book, and you will be entered into the weekly prize draw for every review you submit. 

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