Teen summer reading club

Reading challenges (can be completed in any order)

Ask an older person, like a parent, sibling, or librarian, about a book they loved when they were your age 

Read a book set in the past or the future

Read a book set in a different country or culture than your own

Watch a movie or show based on a book

Read a graphic novel, comic or manga

Read a book by an author who is Black, Indigenous or a person of colour

Make or eat a food based off of a book you read this summer

Read a book about mythology, folklore, fairy tales or traditional tales

Create something based on a book you read. For example: make a bookmark, design a map, write a fanfiction, create a playlist, etc

When you've completed a challenge, submit it here to be entered into our weekly draw! 

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Read, watch, listen

Specially curated selections from our librarians

Regularly updated lists of books, magazines and movies organized by theme. These include physical items you can borrow from the library and digital items you can enjoy on your devices at home or on the go. Click on a book to learn more or choose your preferred format.

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