Tax clinic

This event has ended. Check back next year to get help with your 2022 tax return.

Get free help preparing your 2021 federal income tax return at City Library! You'll be helped by a volunteer, under the CRA's Community Volunteers Income Tax program.

The program runs March 15 to April 30. Sessions are generally 30-45 minutes, either in-person or via Zoom.

For in-person appointments at the library, a photo ID and proof of vaccination are required.

For additional information on this program and to register, contact Shideh Taleban at 604-998-3476 or


You must be a North Shore resident, and not earn more than these amounts to qualify for help with your taxes.

One person:

Two people (e.g. couple in a common-law marriage):
$45,000 and $2,500 for each dependent family member (i.e. a common-law couple with two children under 18 would be a total of $50,000)

One person and one dependent (e.g. a single parent and child):
$45,000 and $2,500 for each dependent


Because this is a volunteer-assisted program, services might be limited if your tax situation is complicated. We are unable to help complete tax returns for people who:

  • Are self-employed or have employment expenses;
  • Have business income and expenses (unless the income is in box 048 on a T4A slip and less than $1,000 with no related expenses);
  • Have interest income of $1,000 or more;
  • Have capital gains or losses;
  • Are filing or have filed for bankruptcy;
  • Are completing a tax return for a deceased person;
  • Are completing tax returns for prior years.

Get ready for your appointment

Please bring the following:

  • Your SIN card
  • All applicable tax information, e.g. T4, T5 or T5007 slips for 2021, medical receipts, tuition or school receipts (T2202), immigration papers and CERB info (if you received it)
  • A copy of your 2021 tax return
  • Government-issued photo ID
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