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Get free help preparing your 2023 federal income tax return at City Library! You'll be helped by a volunteer, under the CRA's Community Volunteers Income Tax program.

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The program runs from March 2 to April 30. Sessions are generally 30 – 45 minutes, in person at City Library.

Visit the CRA's Community Volunteers Income Tax program website to find other tax clinics near you. For all other tax-related inquiries, please call the Canada Revenue Agency at 1-800-959-8281.


Please register by emailing Registration is NOT available in person.


You can also register by calling 604-998-3473.


To qualify for this program, you must be a North Shore resident and not earn more than these amounts:

One person:

Two people (e.g. a couple in a common-law marriage):
$45,000 for the couple, and $2,500 for each dependent family member (e.g. the limit for a a common-law couple with two children under 18 would be $50,000)

One person and one dependent (e.g. a single parent and child):
$45,000 and $2,500 for each dependent


Because this is a volunteer-assisted program, services might be limited if your tax situation is complicated. We are unable to help complete tax returns for people who:

  • Are self-employed or have employment expenses;
  • Have business income and expenses (unless the income is in box 048 on a T4A slip and less than $1,000 with no related expenses);
  • Have interest income of $2,000 or more;
  • Have capital gains or losses;
  • Are filing or have filed for bankruptcy;
  • Are completing a tax return for a deceased person;
  • Are completing tax returns for prior years.

Get ready for your appointment

Please bring the following to your appointment:

  • Your SIN card
  • All applicable tax information, e.g. T4, T5 or T5007 slips for 2023, medical receipts, tuition or school receipts (T2202), immigration papers and CERB info (if you received it)
  • A copy of your 2022 tax return
  • Government-issued photo ID

If you have a question, ask us or call 604-998-3450

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