The 1' x 1' square simplifies planting with an easy-to-use plant-by-colour approach; lays a garden out in a grid formation without sticks and strings; make weeds easy to identify as all vegetables grow in a grid formation; optimizes amount of space for each vegetable, giving a much higher yield.

Gardening Websites

From small beginnings, Folia now has over 40,000 members from every corner of the globe and a gardener's plant care database of well over 150,000 varieties.

Tips for West Coast Vegetable Gardeners (Vancouver Sun)

A column on West Coast vegetable gardening, by Steve Whysall.

West Coast Seeds

"This is where to find the West Coast Seeds planting charts for your area, including the most current edition of the planting chart from our Gardening Guide. By using regional frost dates, we have adjusted the charts to suit many climatic regions in Canada. We will be expanding our selection of reference charts over the coming months, so be sure to check back often.".

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