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Wilbur's Web

This 2011 kinetic art installation by Alan Storey is located inside the library and consists of a fir cross beam that straddles the two light wells. Suspended from each end of the beam are two large LED screens that move up and down through the space over the course of one hour. Imagine that the volume of space contained in these light wells is actually a virtual three dimensional library, electronically housing fixed objects, words, text, language and pictures that are not visible to the human eye. As the custom-designed LED screens move through the space, watch how they provide the observer with a glimpse of the ever-changing mysteries found within.

View a hyperlapse video of the installation here.

“No, my webs were no miracle, Wilbur. I was only describing what I saw.
The miracle is you…… I also made you a promise to save your life.”
“But, how?”
“With the right words you can change the world.”

Charlotte to Wilbur, in Charlotte’s Web – E.B.White

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