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My People Will Rise Up

This is a carved glass mural by Marianne Nicolson. It is installed in the circular space leading from the underground parking to the upper levels. The artwork is inspired by a quote from Chief Dan George, who came from the Burrard Band in North Vancouver and became honorary chief of the Squamish. On the centennial of Canada as a nation in 1967, Dan George made a famous speech which included these words:

Like the thunderbird of old I shall rise again out of the sea. I shall grab the instruments of the white man’s success, his education, his skills – and with these new tools I shall build my race into the proudest segment of your society. So shall we shatter the barriers of our isolation. So shall the next 100 years be the greatest in the proud history of our tribes and nations.

The carving style mimics petroglyphs found up and down the west coast, markers of an ancient aboriginal presence. Petroglyphs recorded significant events and marked places of spiritual importance. From outside the glass and concrete wall will mimic the cliffs above the high tide mark. It is particularly significant that this contemporary petroglyph mural is placed within a new institution that promotes literacy, education, knowledge and enlightenment for all.

Learn more about Marianne Nicolson at www.mariannenicolson.com


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