Teen Summer Reading Club

Broaden your horizons this summer and challenge yourself to reaching your reading goals!

How to participate

Participate in the reading challenges listed below. After you complete a challenge, fill out the challenge form and you will be entered to win a $10 gift card to a local business. Submit one form for every challenge you complete — even if you finish two challenges per week!

A PDF file of the reading challenges can also be downloaded here.

Prize draws!
Prize draws will be every week beginning July 6 to Sept. 7. When you complete all nine challenges, email teens@nvcl.ca to receive a book prize.

Reading challenges

  1. Read to a friend, parent, sibling or pet.
  2. Read a non-fiction book about climate change, environmental activism, or an environmental cause. It can be from any section of the library!
  3. Read a graphic novel or manga.
  4. Read a book by an author who is black, Indigenous or a person of colour.
  5. Listen to an audiobook.
  6. Ask a friend, parent or librarian for a book recommendation.
  7. Read outside.
  8. Read a book set outside of North America.
  9. Create something based on a book you’ve read: e.g., a playlist, recipe, comic, costume, piece of art, fanfiction or anything else.

Summer programs

Summer programs will be announced soon! See our current programs here.

Recommended booklists

Artwork by Amy, Shivali and Sophie 

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