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Print, copy, scan, microfilm, fax


Printing from the public PCs

All public computers in the library can print to the 1st floor print-only station and the 2nd & 3rd floor print/copy/scan stations. Printing is available in black & white, colour, 1-sided, letter (8.5" x 11"), legal (8.5" x 14"), and tabloid/ledger size (11" x 14").

Cost (for all sizes, 1-sided only):

  • Black & white: $0.25 per page
  • Colour: $0.50 per page

The payment box accepts coins, credit and debit card. You can also print using the library's wireless network.

Wireless Printing

You can wirelessly print from your own device by sending your print jobs to the Library’s print system.

For emails and email attachments, forward your email to one of our emails below for the format option that matches your document:

For documents and web pages, upload your document or paste a website URL into the form on this website:


Photocopying is available at the 2nd and 3rd floor staff desks. Copying is available in black & white or colour, 1-sided or 2-sided. You can copy in 3 paper sizes: letter (8.5" x 11"), legal (8.5" x 14") or tabloid/ledger (11" x 14").

Cost (for all sizes):

  • Black & white 1-sided: $0.25
  • Black & white 2-sided: $0.50
  • Colour 1-sided: $0.50
  • Colour 2-sided: $1.00

The payment box accepts coins, credit, and debit.


Scanning at the photocopiers

Scan direct to your email from the NVCL photocopiers. Scanning is free, but you will require an email address that can receive the file. Scanning is currently done at the staff desks only. Staff can scan up to 25 pages on your behalf if scans require manual input (i.e. cannot be done through the document feeder). If you do not have an email address, or your scan is larger than 25 pages, you will need to use the self-serve flatbed scanner on the 3rd floor.

Using the Epson V600 Flatbed scanner

The Epson Flatbed Scanner is on the 3rd floor. It is self-serve, and free to use for 1-hour bookings. You will need to log in to the scanner station with your library card or ask staff for a guest pass. Scanning is available in black & white or colour. You can scan direct to your email, save to a USB stick, and/or print copies of your scans. If you need a USB stick they are available for sale at the Welcome Desk for $10.

Microform scanning with the ViewScan III reader

The microform scanner is available for viewing the newspaper archives. It is located on the 3rd floor, is free to use, and can be booked for up to 1 hour at a time.

The microform scanner allows you to save your screen captures to USB, print to NVCL printers, or email the files. They can be saved in .jpg or .pdf format.

The Library’s microform collection offers North Shore newspapers on microfilm and microfiche dating back to 1905. Please ask for assistance in accessing the microform cabinet. See complete details on our North Shore News archive page.


This service is available at the Welcome Desk. Customers should have a City Library card. Registration is free. We fax 1-sided pages, only. You can convert all 2-sided pages at the copy stations on the second or third floor. You must fill out and sign the library’s fax cover page. You will not be charged for the transmission of this page. You must be present during your fax transmission until the OK/Fail confirmation page is printed out. We accept payment by cash or credit/debit cards.

Faxing costs:

  • Local calls: $1 + tax per page
  • Long–distance calls: $2 + tax per page
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