Made at NVCL!
Here are some links to some of the great material being produced in our very own Recording Booth!

Film an Audition Tape


  • Upcast - How to Create the Perfect Self-tape Short video shows you what to do and what not to do; they go into more detail on the website on the space you need, software, and how to compress and share your video.
  • StageMilk - How to Film a Self Test They go through everything from what is a self test, to the equipment you need and how to edit it. includes links to prepare for an audition, and an acting guide.
  • StageMilk - Self Taping Equipment Guide A guide to buying equipment for your self-taping, and a little about editing, ranging from low to professional depending on your budget.

YouTube Channels & Videos

  • StageMilk An array of videos focusing on acting and preforming, but have videos on what not to do in an audition and what to wear.
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