Made at NVCL

A selection of some of the great material being produced at our Digitization and Recording Creation Stations!

Want us to feature your "made at NVCL" content? Send us an email at with a link to your website or online profile, and a description of what you created here.

Stop motion animation cookie-making, from ingredients to eating, with sound effects recorded in the booth.
"Uonuma-Seppu" and "Get Up, Stand Up" performed by Ryuto and Kiyoshi Iio. From Kiyoshi Iio's Handpan Journey YouTube channel.
New Canadian immigrant YouTuber discusses his experience as a new entrepreneur in Vancouver
Self-advocate George Doykov shares his olympic successes and thoughts on friendship and family.
With audio recorded in the Recording Booth, Front Lines MTB is "for the people that truly make mountain biking happen"
An episode from Gordon Price's "Price Tags" podcast, featuring an interview with CNV Mayor Linda Buchanan Councillor Tony Valente recorded in the booth
Where two old friends over-analyze movies
An animated short with voice-over work done at the Recording Booth.
Local rapper, Lil Sheepdog. Songs with vocals recorded in the booth, available on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube
Book by Michael G. Varga and Roxanne Davies, featuring photos converted at the Digitization Station
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