Check out Solaro and get help with math, science and ELA! For grades 3 - 12.


BC Numeracy Network

Resources to support continuity of learning.

The Math Learning Center

"The Math Learning Center (MLC) is providing resources for all students to use independently or with support from family members or educators."

Math Activity a Day

Daily math activities for students in pre-K to grade 5.

Help my kid learn

Activities in numerous disciplines, including counting, for kids up to age 12.

IXL math

"Gain fluency and confidence in math! IXL helps students master essential skills at their own pace through fun and interactive questions, built in support and motivating awards." For kids in  K - 12.

A resource for people who teach elementary math.

Math and science by topic

Math games:

Lower Mainland school district sites

Articles for parents:

Maths Chase

Maths Chase aims to make maths learning more fun for everyone with a simple game that really helps children learn their times tables. The games help children learn by repetition and increase their speed gradually as they become more skilled. Maths Chase allows you to increase the speed you need to answer questions as you become more confident.

Math Playground

Math Playground is a learning site with math games, logic puzzles, and a variety of problem solving activities. While it does offer paid-for tiered subscription models for some games, there are lots of great free games on here as well.

Math Game Time

Created by educators, Math Game Time has games and homework help for students in Pre-K through to Grade 7

Kits Math Games

This site has games for learning numbers, geometry, logic, memory, and other math skills, with worksheets, videos, and quizzes.

Learn 4 Good

Learn4good is an education site for children, parents, and job seekers. Its Kids corner has math games for ages 7 – 11.

Math is Fun

Covering K – 12, this site has lessons and games on a wide variety of math skills, including numbers, geometry, algebra, and money.

Cool Math 4 Kids

An amusement park of math and more. Includes math games, puzzles and lessons for kids of all ages.

Khan Academy

Math, science, computer programming, history, art, economics, and more.

Mathematics Help Reference

A help resource on a variety of math subjects for 4th through 8th graders.

Virtual Nerd

Over 1,500 video lessons covering middle grades math through algebra 2.

A selection of apps and other tools from

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