Self-paced learning

Want to learn at your own pace? The links below include everything from short tutorials to full courses - in a variety of formats including videos, books, and lectures - to help you enhance your technology learning journey.


Library Resources

NVCL's technology learning portal, with online versions of our computer classes.
LinkedIn Learning offers thousands of courses on software, creative, and business skills.
Learn to use the Library's digital collections, including eBooks and Audiobooks
O'Reilly offers thousands of eBooks and Video classes on technology and business topics.

Popular Topics

The Library offers classes on a variety of technology topics, but if you can’t make the class we post all of our handouts and additional learning options. Click here to see all our learning resource topics, including email, Mac, Windows, Microsoft Office, Social Media, WordPress, Internet Safety & Security, and much more!


Massive Open Online Cources (MOOCs), lectures, and other classes

The following websites offer self-paced, online learning on virtually all topics, not just technology-specific. All the websites below provide some classes for free, but may have other courses that require payment. Most require creating a personal account to track your progress.

Need help?

We would love to help you learn and can help coach you with the technology you would like to learn more about.

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