Citizen science and the City Library biodiversity observation project
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Citizen science

Citizen Science is a growing worldwide phenomenon where regular people make real contributions to scientific understanding. Discover the citizen scientist within you and join City Library for a brand new initiative!

City Library biodiversity observation project

We are hoping to learn all about the wildlife we share our community with and need your help!

Take part with a nature journal

Looking for an off-screen activity for your school-aged children? Pick up a nature journal at the Children's desk at City Library or download and print your own from home. Bring your completed journals to the library so we can learn from your observations!

Take part with iNaturalist

Sign up for an account with iNaturalist, a networking website and app for sharing your wildlife sightings. Here’s what you need to provide:

  • Email address
  • Username
  • Password

Please note that iNaturalist is for users 13 and up. It is a fully public social networking site — accounts and observations are viewable to anyone with an account.

Search for the “City Library Biodiversity Observation Project” in iNaturalist and become a member to stay up-to-date with our program.

While exploring our community and visiting local parks and conservation areas please (respectfully) take pictures of the wildlife that you see:

  • Plants
  • Animals
  • Insects
  • Fungus

Share your observations (the pictures you take) to iNaturalist.

  • Upload the picture
  • Use the built in identification tool in iNaturalist to identify what you saw
  • Say when and where you saw it

Help verify the observations of others

  • Use the Explore feature to see other users' observations
  • Click on one you’re interested in
  • Compare observations to agree or suggest a different identification

Any observations you make within Greater Vancouver that have been verified with a second identification will automatically be added to our project!

The observations and identifications you make will be used in our project throughout this year, to help our community learn about the scientific process and data analysis. The data we collect will also be shared with City Parks to help them identify and learn about wildlife in the parks, track and combat invasive species, and plan our outdoor spaces.

Data analysis workshop

Join us for our June workshop, where we'll discover the results of our project and develop our data analysis skills:

Need help?

Check out the resources below or email Kat Barrette with your questions.

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