Citizen science and the City Library biodiversity observation project
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Citizen science

Citizen Science is a growing worldwide phenomenon where regular people make real contributions to scientific understanding. Our biodiversity observation project is now complete! Below is a snapshot of some of the results:

Biodiversity project - species sightingsCity Library biodiversity observation project: final summary

  • 37 project members
  • 470,368 observations, identifying 2,708 species
  • 18 teen volunteers contributed 120 hours to the project
  • 262 people reached through 7 library workshops and 9 outreach & classroom presentations

Of the 2,000+ species observed, some of the most common taxa were:

  • 37% plants
  • 26% insects
  • 11% fungi
  • 10% birds

The three most common species seen were:

  • Western sword fern
  • Great blue heron
  • Song sparrow

Early detection! Highly invasive Japanese knotweed was discovered in three North Shore locations by citizen scientists and reported to City Parks.

Several cool species were spotted, including many vulnerable and special concern species such as the Great blue heron, Northern red-legged frog, and the Western painted turtle. 

Christmas bird count

We did another set of programs and outreach visits all about birding and the Christmas Bird count. We reached an additional 450 people through 4 library workshops and 14 outreach visits to schools.

Visit the City Library Biodiversity Observation Project at for all the details.

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