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RBdigital Overdrive migration

In 2019, KKR, the company that owns our magazine and audiobook platform RBdigital, also acquired another major library ebook/audiobook platform, OverDrive. As a result, KKR has made the decision to discontinue the RBdigital platform and migrate all content to the OverDrive platforms. For us, this is the Libby app and the Library2Go website.

This will be a staged migration, with the Library’s audiobook collection moved to OverDrive on Dec. 17. Magazines will still be available on the RBdigital app until early 2021, when they will be migrated to OverDrive and available on Libby/Library2Go. North Vancouver City Library will send out an update when the exact date for the magazine migration is available.

Migration timeline

Dec. 17, 2020 Audiobooks (and ebooks) will no longer be available on the RBdigital website or app. Current checkouts, holds, history and wish lists for audiobooks and ebooks will no longer be available. Magazines will continue to be available through the RBdigital app and website.
Dec. 17, 2020 Our RBdigital audiobook collection will begin migrating to Libby/Library2Go and will become available for borrowing/holds.
Early 2021 (date TBD) RBdigital Magazines will be moved to the Libby/Library2Go platforms The RBdigital app/website will be discontinued.
2021 TBD Access to RBdigital’s IndieFlix independent films will move to the Libby/Library2Go platform.

Audiobook listeners: What you need to do now!
If you were still listening to an audiobook in RBdigital on December 16th, you’ll need to check out the title again from Libby / Library2Go.  If you had any outstanding holds on RBdigital audiobooks, download the Libby app (mobile devices) or log into the Library2Go website (desktop/laptop computers) and replace your holds there. Unfortunately holds, wishlists, and borrowing histories from RBdigital were unable to be transferred to the Libby/Library2Go platforms. We apologize for this inconvenience, but this was a decision made by RBdigital and OverDrive, and was outside the Library’s control.

Collection availability
You will find many of the same titles on Libby/Library2Go as on RBdigital right away, but if you can’t find a particular book please send us a purchase suggestion, or use the “Recommendation” feature on Libby/Library2Go, and we will do our best to add any missing titles that are available for us to purchase. After the audiobook collection is removed from the RBdigital platform on Dec. 17, it will begin migrating to OverDrive. This can sometimes take time, but you should find the entire RBdigital audiobook collection available on Libby/Library2Go by the end of December, 2020.

Have questions or need help?
We apologize for the inconvenience to our RBdigital users! This was a decision made by the company that owns RBdigital and OverDrive, and is outside the Library’s control.

We will be happy to answer any questions or help you with any issues you encounter during this migration. Contact us at 604-998-3450 or

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