Libby Library2Go Migration

As of Dec. 30, 2019, NVCL discontinued its cloudLibrary service and migrated back to the BC Library Cooperative’s shared Library2Go ebook and audiobook collection on the OverDrive platform. This change offers three major service improvements:

  • Access to the highly rated Libby app for Apple and Android.
  • Access to a much larger collection: 27,000+ ebooks and 10,000+ audiobook titles. That’s more than 517% larger than our current collection of 5,200 ebook titles and 800 audiobook titles!
  • Improved device compatibility: direct-download integration of ebooks for current Kobo e-readers, and the ability to transfer audiobooks to mp3 players and non-touch model iPods.

In addition to the shared Library2Go collection, NVCL will also be offering an OverDrive Advantage collection, with thousands of titles available exclusively to North Vancouver City cardholders, so that you won’t have to wait on hold as long for the most popular titles. If you are accessing Library2Go via a web browser, make sure you log in first so you can see these additional titles!

access Library2Go!

See our FAQs below for more information on the Library2Go Migration

Library2Go Borrowing Overview

Access: North Vancouver City cardholders (card starts with 23287)
Checkout Period: 21 days
Number of Checkouts: 5
Number of Holds: 5
Hold period: 3 days, but you can set them to automatically check out when available
Suspend holds: Yes
Returns: Automatically returned
Return early? Yes
Renewals? Yes, if there are no holds waiting


Need Help Getting Started?


Get the Libby app*
Get the Libby app*
No app necessary! Sign into OverDrive from the Device Settings
Install the Adobe Digital Editions 3.0 app on your computer
Install the Adobe Digital Editions 3.0 app on your computer
Install the Adobe Digital Editions 3.0 app on your computer
Install the Adobe Digital Editions 3.0 app on your computer
Get the OverDrive app


Get the Libby app*
Get the Libby app*
Get the OverDrive Media Console App
Install the OverDrive Media Console app on your computer.

* If you prefer, the older OverDrive app is still available for Apple and Android, although it is no longer being actively developed

OverDrive Device Compatibility:

Apple Phones, iPads, iPod Touch iOS 9+
Android Phones & Tablets: 4.4+
Windows (Adobe Digital Editions) 7+
Mac (Adobe Digital Editions) OS 10.8+
Kobo e-readers All Kobos are compatible with transfer from a computer. Only Forma, Aura, and Clara models can direct download
Nook e-readers Any
Mp3 players iPod Touch; most Philips, SanDisk, and Sony Walkman mp3 players; other DRM-compatible mp3 players.
Kindle e-readers Not compatible due to restrictions from Amazon
Kindle Fire tablets 7, HD 8, HD 10, HDX

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get help learning to set up and use Library2Go?

Yes! You can book a private appointment with a member of our TechConnect team by filling out an appointment request form. You can also check out the OverDrive support page for information about installing and using the app, reading and returning books, and common error messages.

What happened to my holds from cloudLibrary?

Unfortunately your holds could not be transferred to the Library2Go system due to cloudLibrary limitations, so you will need to replace your holds. We understand and apologize that this means that your place on the holds queue may change, but we will be purchasing additional copies of popular materials in order to mitigate long wait times.

Why are you discontinuing cloudLibrary?

When we switched to cloudLibrary exclusively in January 2017, the intentions were to reduce waitlist times for popular materials, and to offer a platform that was easier to use.

The most important reason we are switching is that we want to make sure we are offering access to the best possible ebook and audiobook collection on the most robust platform possible. Due to the relative newness of our cloudLibrary collection, the high cost that libraries are charged for ebooks and audiobooks, and budgetary limitations, we simply have not been able to build our collection to a comparable size or scope to Library2Go as quickly as we would have liked.

Additionally, OverDrive offers the increasingly popular Libby app for Apple and Android, which according to our research the majority of users find more intuitive and easy to use than the other options in the Library market. You can see this demonstrated in the ratings and reviews of the Libby and cloudLibrary apps.

Another reason is that with all-new Kobo e-readers offering direct download with the OverDrive system, we wanted our Kobo users to have access to this more convenient way of downloading ebooks. Unfortunately cloudLibrary does not offer direct downloads, and are unlikely to, as the reason OverDrive offers this is that they are owned by the same company as Kobo is: Rakuten.

We believe that between the ease of use of the Libby app and Kobo direct downloads, a larger, deeper collection available on Library2Go, and offering Advantage titles exclusively for North Vancouver City residents, we will be better able to meet our goals of keeping wait times for popular materials short, and offering the most robust, user friendly platform on the market.

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