non-fiction reorganization


We have reorganized the non-fiction collection to make it easier to browse and find material related to your favourite topics. Books are now organized by topic first, then by Dewey number. Find the category in the list, then locate the book in the corresponding row.

Why did we make this change?

For a century now most public libraries organized their non-fiction materials according to the Dewey Decimal System. As workable as that system has been, it still meant that if you were looking for information on art, for example, you had more than one place to go to get the material you were looking for. In recent years we heard from customers who have increasingly asked us "why can't you just be like a bookstore, where everything on my topic is in one place?" Well, we are experimenting to see if we can do just that.

How do I find what I am looking for?

  1. Search for your book or topic in our catalogue
  2. Look at the shelf location info in the box at the bottom of the record - if it is a third floor non-fiction item, it will show you the topic area and the row number where you can find it, e.g. NF-Travel (third floor, row 13-14).
  3. Your item will be in the row listed, organized by its Dewey number.
  4. If you are just browsing the third floor nonfiction area, you will find the row number posted on the shelf ends, along with this map below.


Questions? Please ask us in-person on the third floor, or email us at


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