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CLICK HERE TO TEST-DRIVE NOW! (instructions below)

In a continuing effort to provide the most cost-effective and efficient service, we are upgrading our main catalogue. The new catalogue is called 'Enterprise' and offers a simpler, to-the-point search and browse experience that is more accurate, reliable, and consistent. 


  • From March 21 until May, you will be able to 'test-drive' the new catalogue, but website pages and links will still point to the current catalogue.
  • In May (exact date yet to be confirmed), all website links and search boxes will point to our new catalogue, but you will still be able to access the old catalogue (Bibliocommons) through a special link located at the top of our website, for a few weeks.
  • eLibrary, our classic catalogue, will remain available indefinitely. 


  • All your account information, except your lists, will automatically be transferred
  • If you have created any personal ‘lists’, ‘shelves’, or ‘borrowing history’ in Bibliocommons you will want to print these. Due to privacy restrictions, we are not able to access and transfer this information for you. CLICK HERE  for instructions on how to do this.
  • When the final transition is complete, update all your bookmarks or favorites to link to the new, upgraded catalogue (check back here for the link when it is available).

ENTERPRISE INSTRUCTIONS (requires Adobe Acrobat):

Instructions for specific topics:

Please write us at and be sure to quote "New Catalogue" in the subject line; please let us know how to contact you if you require a response. 


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