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IPad Mini 4NVCL loans iPad Minis. Our goals are to give customers the chance to experiment with these devices and explore a range of online services they might not otherwise know about, and to expand digital literacy in our community. 

How to borrow an iPad
1. You will need to:
  • Have or create an Apple ID and know the password (we’ll show you how, if you don’t know)
  • Have access to a wireless network (at home or elsewhere) 
  • Have a valid library card, in your name, in good standing
  • Have a valid e-mail address and know the password (we'll show you how, if you don't) 
  • Be at least 19 years old (photo ID may be required)
  • Attend a short orientation with a member of our TechConnect team
  • Sign the User Agreement during a pre-scheduled appointment
2. You agree to:
  • One iPad per customer
  • Borrow for 21 days (renewals are not permitted)
  • Pay $10.00 per day on overdue items
  • Return the iPad charged so we can quickly check that it is working
  • Return the iPad to the Welcome Desk ONLY and NOT the return slot
  • Pay recovery costs up to $728.00 for a lost or damaged iPad, as per the information in the User Agreement
Frequently Asked Questions
How does the iPad work?

The best way to find out is via the Apple iPad information page. You can also learn to use the iPad through tutorials at, free with your NVCL card. We also offer an iPad class.

If I already know how to use an iPad, do I still have to attend an appointment to borrow it?

Yes, but only once! The purpose of the appointment is to ensure you understand the responsibilities of borrowing the unit, including an agreement to pay for a unit, or parts of a unit, that are damaged. After that, we keep a record of your signed agreement, and you can borrow again without having to attend an appointment. Just place an iPad on hold, and we’ll let you know when it is available.

Are there any apps already available on the iPads you lend?

No. The iPads are loaned out blank so you can choose what to load onto them. Included in the iPad package is a curated list of popular apps, including apps for e-reading (books and magazines), social media, and families. Guide to iPad Apps

Can I transfer downloadable books from the Library's online ebook catalogue to my borrowed iPad?

Residents of the City of North Vancouver have exclusive access to our local Cloud Library (formerly 3M Cloud Library) collection. Just install the app, log in with your NVCL library barcode and PIN, and away you go.

What happens to any personal information I have on the iPad?

Users are expected to delete all content from the iPad before returning it. Please see this how-to for details on how to do this. Once returned, Library staff will reset the unit to factory default settings.

Can you help me learn how to use an iPad?

Absolutely! Before you can check out an iPad, you will have a short appointment with a member of our TechConnect team who will orient you to the iPad (free of charge). Simply place a hold on an iPad and a TechConnect staff member will be in touch when the device is available. You can request additional help by:

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